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Employer Groups


With many uncertainties of individuals going back to work due to COVID-19, those who
are entitled to Medicare have many questions about enrolling in Medicare Part B.
SilverCare Solutions is here to help find answers to all these questions and more.
If you have an individual in this situation, please contact us regarding the process
of enrolling with Social Security as well as providing medical plan options. 

Silvercare is a fully dedicated Medicare consulting company that assists employer groups and their Medicare beneficiaries. The SilverCare team provides focused, dedicated support for employers and their employees to preserve cost-effective, high quality health benefits.

SilverCare Solutions, LLC is a licensed brokerage firm providing services for all of New York State. We support both public and private companies and act as an extension of your team. We help to mitigate the complexities with your Medicare retiree’s coverage. We serve as an intermediary between the carrier and the group to ease administrative burdens: we aggressively seek answers to questions or problems that may arise. 

The SilverCare process has been developed to efficiently screen, evaluate and compare the multitude of Medicare insurance options available on the market and simplify things for our customers so they can make confident decisions. 

Clear information coupled with unbiased guidance equals customer confidence in crafting a retiree’s carrier and plan.

  • Women owned company in WNY completely dedicated to employer group Medicare- We are excellent at what we do – our focus translates to expertise that saves you time and money while providing you peace of mind and confidence in your decisions.

  • Conducts annual open enrollment meeting for retirees – Responsible for the implementation of all enrollment meetings and whatever it consists of; selecting and setting up location, providing meeting notices to retirees and conducting presentation following Q & A.

  • Educate pre-65 retirees with quarterly meetings – Retirees have many questions months before they become eligible for Medicare. Quarterly meetings will allow time for questions to be answered in time for their Medicare coverage to become active.

          Call us today at 1.833.745.2273, we are happy to help! 

Sharon Malone
President & CEO
SilverCare Solutions, LLC